There is a way to live life to the fullest. And without the busy, complicated, crazy that seems normal these days.

Life can be rich, effortless, integrated. One thing flows to another, choices are obvious, needs are met for all – and then some, and time is irrelevant because, the only place to be is here.

When we tap into our deepest knowing, naturally attuning, we are living in harmony with all.

Sounds like nirvana, right?

Why would so many spiritual leaders agree that this is our purpose in life if there weren’t ways to be that way, everyday?

Everyday Integrity is an intention toward a greater goal. Everyday Integrity isn’t just a lifestyle brand. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Is it difficult? For sure. Is it aspirational? Totally.  Is it possible? Absolutely.

Collected here are strategies and tools for living a whole life, including retreats, courses, resources and beautiful tools to help us stay connected to the source of our deepest knowing.

Experiences from the quest are described in the blog, written by Julie Williams, known to friends and kindred spirits as Jules.

Jules’ Journey

I’ve always been seeking how to exist in this busy, complicated, crazy world and only recently discovered how come.

In the last few years I have learned that I have traits that make me a highly sensitive person. That means I process more of the world and more deeply.

I’ve learned that I was made this way, but it didn’t start showing up externally until symptoms manifested as a young child — for instance, my allergies, asthma, excema.

My intuition allowed me to detect others feelings toward me though not understand, and thus often misinterpret, them. Medicated, restricted, excluded, disconnected, I was different and I felt different.

A life of feeling broken and weak and “holey” drove me in seeking a way to be whole amidst all the stimulation of the world. A way to show up on the outside what as I knew I was deep inside—in my soul—always complete and connected to all.

For a long time that looked like coping mechanisms, strategies to fit into the crazy world. Over the the last few years as I was building a consulting business my study of communications, leadership and integrity lead me to writings, teachings and a whole new framework for how to be whole. Read The Backstory. 

Only about 20% of the population is highly sensitive, but the world we live in is becoming increasingly overstimulating and exhausting for everybody and so the quest for integrity, for being in a state of wholeness (cracks and repairs included) is applicable to all.

And permeates our whole life — not only self care or spirituality or work or leisure — because each influences the other. And so we attune all parts together as a whole system. And as we attune our lives to and with the world around us, we can’t help but make conscientious choices for all. Choices that sustain us, and others, and our communities, and the world.

Join me on the journey toward living a whole life. Whether achievable for an hour, a day, a week or perhaps someday as a state of being, committing to the quest is fulfilling, in and of itself.

Yours in exploration,