Founder, Facilitator, Creator

julie williams on mt. hoodJulie is an accredited, award-winning strategic communicator and experienced facilitator in her hometown of Portland, Ore.  A “renaissance soul” who’s interested in everything – and how it all connects – Jules loves exploring the world, learning new things, finding meaning everywhere, and then sharing these lessons with others, whether on a retreat, in this blog or on social media. Find her on Instagram: @j3williams|Tumblr: | Twitter: @oregonintegrity.

Jules lives life to the fullest and is constantly finding inspiration through the convergence of connection, beauty, leadership and community building.

Jules approaches life, work and communication the same way – seeking integrity.

Which is not to say she lives like a monk. Far from it. But she does live very intentionally, deeply aware of how her choices are or often, are not, leading to a whole life.

This has especially been the case over the last 10 years through her professional, entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.

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