Always Here for You

Over the years, I’ve retreated nearly every season, sometimes more than once, to help navigate a learning journey. Using practices and tools I’d studied along with guidance from teachers, therapists and spiritual directors, books, and especially intuition, I was able to create deeply meaningful self-guided experiences.

Given the insight, clarity and contentment I’d return with, I wondered why everyone wasn’t going on retreat.

I noticed that the clarity, the certainty, the connection, would often fade until I was again feeling disconnected with my way.

After starting to work with a spiritual director I learned about another powerful practice — Sabbath, an opportunity to rest, renew and reconnect, every week. When he asked, “you do so much, when do you rest? When do you get to just be?” I was stumped.

Then I realized that’s how I am on retreat. Wouldn’t it be incredible if I could find this renewal and clarity in the city too?

For years now, I religiously dedicate one day a week to retreating into a space where “everything is complete and all the work is done.”

Inspired by these experiences, I have developed courses to help others’ tap into the enlightening power of these practices and tools.

With love, Jules


7-week course for finding balance and connection, including weekly group video chat, weekly prompts, your independent Sabbath practice and 24-hour, in-person retreat mid-course.

Next Course runs May 18 through June 29 with retreat on June 8-9. Enrollment open: now through May 12! Learn more or register here.

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By the end of the 7 weeks, you’ll have the wisdom, skills and commitment for momentum on your spiritual journey (whatever that looks like for you!) and enjoy the rich gifts that Sabbath has to offer you every week.