This 7-week course is about reconnecting with what matters  most to you.

Long before 24/7 living, there was 24/6 and a weekly ritual of making space for rest and renewal.

The Sabbath Course was designed so we could explore and practice together, inspired by an interfaith, personal approach to this universal tradition.

Download the Sabbath Course Overview.

Sabbath is a sacred practice that goes back eons, some believe to the beginning. Since Abraham Joshua Heschel’s seminal text on The Sabbath: It’s Meaning for Modern Man was published in 1951, faith leaders and spiritual communities have been exploring this sacred practice as it applies to our contemporary lives. The consensus is we need connection now more than ever.

I believe this deeply meaningful day is available and given to all. That it is a must, not a should. That it is a critical practice to explore for soul searchers wanting to live wholly and soulfully. Just as retreat enlightenment seeps into one’s life upon return, Sabbath seeps into our weeks after each refreshing observance. – Jules Williams, Lead Facilitator

Get started today: If you’re interested in exploring Sabbath, schedule a 15-min. chat with Jules to learn more.

Course Details

When: Every Friday, 6:30-7:30 p.m. PST from May 18 through June 29 and retreat on June. 8-9.

What: Self-study course with weekly activity prompts and virtual, facilitated Sabbath Circle meetups, plus a 24-hour facilitated retreat (optional, but highly encouraged!)

Your facilitator and Sabbath Circle leader will provide tools, activities and space to guide your exploration, but how you create a Sabbath practice will be a “choose-your-own-adventure.”

Who: 5 to 13 participants + a few auditors who can sign up to join the weekly Sabbath Circles without registering for the whole course

How: By the end of the 7 weeks, you’ll have the wisdom, skills and commitment for momentum on your spiritual journey (whatever that looks like for you!) and enjoy the rich gifts that a Sabbath practice has to offer you every week

Specifically, you will:

  • Join a 60-min. video call on Friday night from 6:30-7:30 p.m. PST each week. We will check in and connect. We will be blessed and inspired. We will discuss and learn new ways each week to observe a Sabbath that best serves you.
  • Spend ~30 min. on a meaningful activity prompt and enjoy your Sabbath in between the weekly calls.
  • Retreat together for 24-hours! And do nothing. No cooking, no cleaning, no planning, no worrying. Just playing, laughing, savoring, basking, being.

How much: $440 for Course, $105 for Audit

  • Course Registration covers $25 per Circle, $225 for Retreat, and $40 (or 10%) pay-it-forward contribution toward community scholarship for one Circle member
  • 1 grateful person will get a community scholarship that covers 90% of their cost of participation so that we hold space for those who are rich in commitment, though lean in finances. Apply here.
  • Course Audit is also available for $105 that covers 7 Sabbath Circles, offering access to the weekly calls without the activity and retreat elements

What makes Sabbath so special is having time each week completely dedicated to reconnecting—with the natural cycle, with perspective, with wonder. Balance does not come easy to me, especially between (over-) doing and being. This practice enables me to just be. Over the last few years this practice has been slowly remodeling my whole way of being and how I show up in the world. – Jules Williams, Lead Facilitator

Get started today

If you want to go deeper in your spiritual journey, register now for the Savoring Sabbath Course. Registration closes on May 12, 2018.

If you have questions, schedule a 15-min. chat with Jules to learn more. In the meantime, you can peruse the frequently asked questions below.

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Who is this course for?

Continually on the quest for meaningful experiences, you live life to the fullest. Often that leads you do more and be less. Whether you call yourself a “soul searcher” or not, you are always on the quest for truth which brings further enlightenment.

The Sabbath Course is for people who are ready to rest, people who are eager to be more connected, and people who care about showing up in the world with integrity—everyday.

Why do I need a course to observe Sabbath?

You don’t! Sabbath is a gift to everyone. Many religions have specific Sabbath customs around days of the week and rituals for entering, enjoying and exiting Sabbath. And many of us have found our own way of remembering Sabbath through a conscientious blend of practices and beliefs.

What if I’m not religious?

No problem! Jules is religious about her Sabbath practice, but considers herself a spiritual person and does’t identify with a single formal religion. Nowadays, Sabbath is about sacred space for reconnecting with our souls and the Source—whatever you call that: God, Yaweh, Allah, The Divine, Grandfather Fire or something else.

A soul searcher her whole life, Sabbath entered Jules’ spiritual portfolio of practices as a sacred, deeply meaningful “weekly retreat” and she believes it is inherently part of the rhythm of life, whether or not it’s organized by a formal religion or a faith tradition. 

How can a course “teach” me how to practice Sabbath?

The course was designed to introduce you to Sabbath and the essentials of observance across various traditions, while guiding you through some of the challenges and pitfalls that make it more difficult nowadays, so that you may design a Sabbath that specifically fits your life right now. It does not prescribe a specific way to practice, simply inspires commitment to the practice.

What happens during a Sabbath Circle?

It’s an opportunity to virtually check in with others about the past week, give thanks and blessings, learn about and discuss topics related to rest & renewal, and set intentions for the coming week. You can wrap up your week then hop on our 6:30 pm call (PST) for an hour before transitioning into your weekend.

What happens on a Sabbath Retreat?

Integrating new practices is easier with experimentation, so we go on a Sabbath Retreat mid-course to practice together. Being away from distractions, we’ll observe Sabbath for 24-hours and do nothing! No cleaning, no planning, no worrying. Just laughing, savoring, being. And creating!

You’ll have the option make your own Sabbath box to store your tools (like a candle and spices) as well as stash items that need a break for the day (like our mobile phones!).

During our extended Sabbath Circle, we’ll explore questions like: “When have I had a day “in flow” recently? What does rest look like for me? How can I make rest sacred?” before you have the next day to rest and live into these questions. 

Where did this course idea come from?

Jules was seeking more meaning through her business and self-employment, following several years of observing Sabbath as prompted by a wise spiritual director’s question about the lack of rest in her entrepreneurial and service-driven life. While wondering “How can my work better serve the world?” the idea for this course showed up—a way to share the gift of Sabbath and what had become a sacred, deeply meaningful “weekly retreat.”

What if I still have questions?

Yay! Curiosity is essential to growing discipline. Go ahead and schedule a 15-min. chat with Jules to ask away!