Your Mission: Connection

That retreat – my first and most formative – took me away from everything and invited me to connect to my core. To the place where I am always whole. Where there is no searching or seeking. Tapping into my deepest knowing, naturally attuning, so that I am again in harmony with all.

This is not how I would have described it back then. Far from it.

What I knew then was that I felt good. I felt grounded. I felt in sync. I felt assured.

And I wanted more.

The Power of Retreat

At the core, retreats are about getting re-connected. Withdrawing to a quiet or secluded place. More easily listening for the truth about what’s calling, where we’re going next, what we need to let go of, what we’ve always known. More easily speaking the truth. Deeply resonating with oneself, and others.

On retreat, we feel good. We feel grounded. We get in sync. We feel challenged. We feel decisive.


  • Because we sink into a place of integrity, we: consider the whole, speak from the heart, do the right thing and do it well.
  • Because we are using skill building, critical thinking and creative processes for learning, exploring, growth and ultimately – reconnecting
  • Because we’re out in nature and away from the daily grind and distractions focusing on one thing: being present to the process.

Over the years, I’ve retreated nearly every season, sometimes more than once, to help navigate a learning journey. Though I noticed that the clarity, the certainty, the connection, would often fade until I was again feeling disconnected with my way.

The power of retreat is not only in its practice, but also in its application – the promise of return.

Integrating that blissful, temporary retreat state of being—focused, undivided attention, clear thinking, big, new ideas and feeling attuned with the world around us—into one’s daily life. Returning to taste, savor, relish and bask in the everyday.

A decade, 50+ personal, community and company retreats and 150+ Sabbaths later, retreat continues to be the most enlightening tool I’ve experienced for embracing reality and finding meaning. Now, that’s a powerful place to live and work from.

Retreating from demands and distractions into a natural setting, you only need a guide, a system and inspiration to tap into your unrealized wealth of knowledge and creativity.

Ready to reconnect?

You’re on a personal journey:

Soulstice – Enter the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21 with a strong sense of what you need to let go of and what you’re moving toward in the New Year. Each new year we have an opportunity to repack our “backpack” with the tools and resources that we need on the path ahead.

We will spend a cozy, relaxed, reflective day together working independently and in small groups to review 2017 events, outline 2018 intentions, and share insights around the fire so that you leave with a clear sense of the path forward.


  • Spots for 14 people. Register today!
  • Location: Heaven & Earth Retreat Center, 19892 NW Sellers Rd, Banks, OR 97106
  • Date and Time: Dec. 16, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Bring: Sack lunch, diary, journal and/or calendar, cozy clothes and slippers (if you like)


Search – Personal retreat guide for individual’s navigating life transitions. Currently in development.

Your team needs to go deeper:

Strategy – Hire Julie as a facilitator for your retreat or planning session.